What To Expect When Seeing A Chiropractor

Chiropractic Charlotte NC What To Expect

It is common to feel some apprehension before visiting your Charlotte chiropractor for the first time. However, your visit will be similar to a visit with your family physician.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival at the office, you will fill out any needed paperwork and general forms about your health history, your family history, and current symptoms. After this is complete, you will undergo a complete physical exam.

The exam will be thorough, covering your entire body. It may include various range of motion tests, reflexes, palpitations and your muscle strength. Your spine will be examined, and so will the main area of your pain. It is possible that we may require x-rays of your spine, depending on your symptoms.


After your exam, a treatment plan will be created, focusing on your overall health, symptoms, pain, and area of pain. Adjustments will then be made to help alleviate your pain. This may include pushing, pulling, twisting or turning various joints within your body.

You will not undergo all the adjustments required in one office visit. To get the best results, you will need to return to the office over a period of time.


Aftercare is critical to the success of your treatment plan. You will receive instructions on at home exercise techniques, stretches or various other therapies to facilitate healing while at home. You will also be instructed to return should any of your symptoms worsen.

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