Dealing with a Disc Injury in Charlotte?

Herniated disc chiropractic treatment in Charlotte is offered through Proactive Chiropractic & Rehab Center. A herniated disc can occur virtually anywhere along the spine, though they are most common in the lower back. They can be caused by an injury or by simple wear and tear as they lose flexibility over the years.

Dr. Khlebopros has a solid track record in treating herniated discs. In fact, 90% of his patients who were candidates for disc surgery didn’t have to have the procedure. Because of his in-depth experience in the fields of chiropractic care and orthotics, he can properly diagnose and treat pain that is caused by herniated discs.

What Is a Herniated Disc?

Discs sit between the vertebrae of the spine to aid movement, allow room for nerves to exit and act as shock absorbers. When a disc becomes herniated, the jelly-like inner part of the disc breaks through the weakened fibrous outer ring and bulges beyond the edge of the vertebrae. This creates pressure that builds up on the surrounding nerve roots, which causes pain.

This condition can be caused by repetitive motion or simple wear and tear. A sudden trauma or sports injury can also cause the discs to herniate.

Where Is Herniated Disc Pain Felt?

A herniated disc can be sensitive to the touch. Some people also experience numbness and weakness in the affected area. Pain can radiate down the leg or buttocks, a condition known as sciatica. Depending on where the herniation is located, other symptoms can include a sudden ache or twist of the neck that can’t be straightened without severe pain or changes in bowel or bladder function.

Most people experience a herniated disc in the lower back, although it can occur anywhere along the spine. Depending on the disc injured, a skilled chiropractor will devise a treatment plan that directly addresses the underlying cause and allows the bulging disc to return to its natural place inside the spinal column.

Dr. Khlebopros has in-depth experience in the fields of chiropractic care and orthotics. He offers spinal decompression, alignment and other non-invasive solutions to diagnose and treat herniated discs. Patients who enter his chiropractic clinic can experience reduced pain and restored spinal health rather than undergo surgery and risk complications. Following herniated disc treatment, Dr. Khlebopros usually prescribes exercises and lifestyle changes to help prevent future disc herniations.

Dr. Khlebopros – Charlotte Proactive Chiropractic Clinic

If exercises haven’t improved the situation, you may want to seek chiropractic care. The need for surgery is rare and is not always effective, but spinal decompression therapy and other interventions by a skilled chiropractor can provide much-needed relief and allow the bulging discs to return to their original places inside the spinal column so they don’t put pressure on the nerve roots.

Following your adjustment, chiropractor, Dr. Khlebopros, will usually prescribe exercises and changes in lifestyle to help keep the discs from becoming herniated going forward. This, when combined with a series of adjustments and decompression therapies, should have you feeling better in no time.

If you are experiencing back pain or pressure, numbness or weakness in the legs of buttocks, it could be due to a herniated disc. The only way to be sure is to have it examined by a knowledgeable professional. To make an appointment for herniated disc treatment with Dr. Khlebopros, call the Proactive Chiropractic and Rehab Center at (704) 504-1770.

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