Gua Sha Treatment in Charlotte

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Originated in the 1300s in China, gua sha is an ancient healing technique that has proven very effective for soft tissue injuries or pain. Gua means “to scrape or rub” while sha means “reddish, elevated skin rash.”

Using gua sha, our Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Khlebopros uses slightly abrasive, non-invasive implements to create a “rash” on the surface of the skin in order to break down scar tissue that has occurred due to trauma or an injury. The goal is to restore the natural elasticity of the region to help the body heal on its own faster.

Gua sha is particularly effective for athletes or others who are active and want to get back to their routine as soon as possible. It can be used in cases of tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, golfer’s elbow and achilles tendonitis, as well as other soft tissue conditions or injuries.

It has proven to be safe and gentle, allowing Dr. Khlebopros to treat patients effectively, ridding them of their problems without risk. If you have one of these conditions, contact Dr. Khlebopros office, at (704) 504-1770 and set up an appointment.

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