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Chiropractic Charlotte NC Hip Pain

Hip Pain Treatment is offered by our Charlotte chiropractor, Dr. Khlebopros, at Proactive Chiropractic & Rehab Center. Hip pain is often caused by an irritation of the nerves in the spine, which causes the characteristic pain and muscle spasms. Through chiropractic care and physiological therapies, Dr. Khlebopros is able to reduce the irritation and return the hip’s structures to their rightful places.

This is an entirely safe and effective treatment and is extremely gentle, thanks in large part to Dr. Khlebopros’ training and experience. Over the years he has treated hundreds of patients who have suffered from distracting and often debilitating pain in their hips.

The fact that our hips experience such pain isn’t surprising, given that the hips and legs have to support the entire weight of the upper part of the body as well as be flexible and strong enough to provide stability and mobility. This puts a lot of strain on the hips, which are made up of a ball and socket joint where the thighbone and pelvic bone meet.

When the cartilage that separates the bones begins to wear down, it no longer provides the cushion necessary to keep the two bones from rubbing together. This can be an additional source of hip pain.

If you sit for long period of times or suffer from poor posture, you can end up with a slipped or ruptured disc in the spine. This can also cause the pain in your hips and legs. The disc is pushed out of its usual place, interfering with the surrounding nerves. This can result in sciatica, which contributes to your feelings of numbness and weakness.

Hip Pain Treatment in Charlotte

To treat hip pain, Dr. Khlebopros uses a range of highly effective procedures and treatments, which include spinal decompression therapy, manipulation, physiological therapies, and lifestyle changes. This, when combined with changes in your lifestyle and work habits, such as your posture at your desk, will restore motion and mobility while eliminating pain.

For hip pain treatment, don’t delay. Dr. Khlebopros will be happy to make a complete assessment of your condition and create an effective, gentle treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. To schedule an appointment with our chiropractor, contact our office at (704) 504-1770 today!

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