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Are you an athlete? Do you lift weights frequently or enjoy a nice jog every morning? Regardless of the sport you play or the physical activity you do, injury can occur. In fact, thousands of sports injuries are reported each year. At Proactive Chiropractic and Rehab Center in Charlotte, we use non-invasive chiropractic care to treat sports injuries and reduce pain.

Non-Invasive Chiropractic Treatment by a Sports Chiropractor

When you experience an injury while playing a sport, surgery, pain medication and other invasive techniques aren’t always required. In fact, most injuries that result in musculoskeletal injuries can be treated through chiropractic care. At Proactive Chiropractic, we offer a wide range of non-invasive chiropractic services including:

  • Gua Sha: When playing sports, overuse of the tendon and ligaments tends to occur. This ancient technique helps restore elasticity to the injured tendons.
  • Traction: Back pain can result from injury while playing a sport. Traction involves the use of a foam roller to apply pressure to the spine, decompressing the individual vertebrae.
  • Orthotics: Is posture or foot pain affecting your ability to train or be successful in your sport? Our custom orthotics can help relieve pressure and pain caused by fallen arches or other orthotic conditions.
  • Active release technique: This technique uses motion and coordination to treat pain caused by tennis elbow, shin splints and more.

Other services include interferential electro-muscle stimulation, spinal decompression and more. Whether you’re experiencing pain from lifting weights, pain while running or another source of pain, we can help you get back to optimum sports performance.

Common Sports Injuries Treatable With Chiropractic Care

Regardless of the sports you play or workouts you do, you could experience an injury at some point. Out of the sports injuries that happen each year, there are a few that are most common.

  • Hip flexor injury: Hip flexors are muscles on the upper-front side of the thigh, These injuries are most common in individuals that experience pain while running or while making swift movements such as when playing basketball.
  • Concussion: Concussions occur after a severe blow to the head resulting in headache, dizziness and nausea. Concussions are often found when students experience a football head injury.
  • ACL injury: The ACL is a ligament in the knee and allows for a complex range of motion in the knee joint. Most ACL injuries and tears occur in athletes who play soccer or other sports that require player-to-player contact.
  • Shoulder injury: Shoulder injuries such as rotator cuff injuries can cause severe shoulder pain. For example, many professional bowling injuries involve the shoulder and rotator cuff.

Other common injuries include meniscus tears, back strains and hamstring strain that can impact sports performance. We can help treat any of these conditions with our non-invasion services, helping relieve your pain without doing further harm.

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