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Proactive Chiropractic and Rehab Center offers multiple services for our patient’s needs. Chiropractic adjustments are ideal for many situations such as low back pain, neck pain, headaches and pinched nerves. By realigning the spine and extremities, the musculoskeletal system is brought into alignment. This improves the functioning of the spine and nervous system. It also helps with reducing, or even relieving pain. Contrary to what you may have heard, chiropractic treatments can done with little to no discomfort.

Our Charlotte chiropractor, Dr. Khlebopros, specializes in chiropractic care. He is very skilled at performing procedures that are very gentle, safe and highly effective. Pain and discomfort is not a lifetime sentence. It can be treated successfully and provide lasting relief.

Chiropractic Techniques

The following are just some of the techniques and tools Dr. Khlebopros uses to treat your condition:

Many patients are fearful of the characteristic cracking that has been associated with chiropractic care. This is no longer the case. Chiropractor, Dr Khlebopros, can use an activator to make adjustments in extremely small and controlled increments. This not only results in a realignment and manipulation session that is gentle, but it also has excellent results. This instrument-assisted adjustment uses low-force for realigning the spine and extremities. It is very popular with our younger patients, as well as those who are elderly or have acute pain.

Considered the next generation of activator, the ArthroStim delivers a series of small, rapid thrusts each second. They work in concert with the natural feedback system of the nervous system. This greatly reduces the force used to do an adjustment, yet produces a “snowball effect” due to its cumulative impact on neural receptors. With ArthroStim, there’s no popping or cracking. It is an extremely comfortable procedure for patients; especially children, the elderly, and those who are sensitive to pressure or momentary discomfort. This is one of the many advanced tools that Dr. Khlebopros can use to improve the patient experience while achieving the desired results.

Find An Experienced & Professional Chiropractor

As every patient is different, it’s important that you seek an experienced professional who is well versed in all aspects. When you do, you can receive physical therapy care that is gentle and safe.

Dr. Khlebopros is a well-respected expert in gentle, effective chiropractic care and physical therapy. As such, you can expect excellent results from your treatments through our clinic. In fact, they will lead to greatly reduced pain or pain that is entirely limited.

If you want to enjoy a pain-free life, call the Proactive Chiropractic & Rehab Center today at (704) 504-1770 to make an appointment with our chiropractic clinic.

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