Springing Forth in Pineville

Spring is like a seasonal starting gate; suddenly you’re off to the races. The longer days and warmer temperatures make exploring Pineville under your own power a true joy. Take a hike, get those running shoes moving or pedal across town.

Our Charlotte chiropractor at Proactive Chiropractic and Rehab Center will keep you feeling and performing your best with a variety of effective techniques and services. If you or a family member meet an untimely injury along the way, we can put you back in the game quickly. We treat a wide variety of conditions from head to toe.

Get out into glorious Pineville this spring. Combine art, culture and science with the Kinetyx Dance Ensemble, treat the family to wild times at Sky Zone or join a spring sports league.

A Chiropractor Near Pineville, Using More Than 10 Years of Experience to Treat Back Pain

At Proactive Chiropractic and Rehab Center, many of our clients come to us from Pineville and the surrounding areas in southwest Charlotte. We help them treat a wide range of pain—from back pain to neck pain, problems with joints and muscles, headaches and other problems.

Why choose us? Our founding chiropractor Dr. Alec Khlebopros is well-recognized in Charlotte for his caring and effective approach to chiropractic care. He’s been a chiropractor for more than 10 years and has dedicated himself to the profession. He constantly keeps up on the latest research and treatment innovations, looking for ways to better help his patients.

These new treatment options are put to good use in our Pineville area chiropractic clinic. You’ll find services ranging from spinal decompression therapy to orthotics and electro-muscle stimulation (EMS). We offer both manual adjustments and more gentle options in a “crack-free” environment. Our approach means we can serve patients who seek chiropractic treatment without the worry and discomfort that often come with more aggressive techniques.

How We Can Help Patients in Pineville

Seeing a chiropractor is often the best option. At Proactive Chiropractic and Rehab Center, patients from Pineville, North Carolina, often come to see us after a car accident has left them with whiplash or other neck or back pain. They also see us for effective treatment of chronic back pain that has lasted a long time, despite other treatments. And they seek our help for other ailments, like headaches and arthritis.

We can help with any of these problems by assessing you and providing individualized treatment plans. While most of our patients prefer a more hands-on approach, we are also able to deliver gentle chiropractic manipulation. Using specific tools and techniques, we are able to tap misplaced bones back into place so your body can relax and heal itself.

In Pain? Contact a Pineville Chiropractor for Help.

When you need back or neck pain treatment near Pineville, North Carolina, the 28134 and 28210 zip codes, or surrounding areas, Proactive Chiropractic and Rehab Center is there for you. To make an appointment, call (704) 504-1770 or fill in the form on our contact page. We’ll talk with you about your symptoms, conduct an exam and complete the treatment that’s right for you.

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