Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident in Charlotte

Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident in Charlotte

Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident in Charlotte

Car accidents are unexpected and inconvenient. Dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident isn't on anyone's schedule. The trauma, dealing with vehicle problems and car insurance reports leads many people to put off looking after their health, especially if they feel fine after. If anything does ache, they figure it will clear up in a few days.

The trouble here is that the real pains from a car accident may take a few days to show up in the body. The body has undergone some shock. It isn't ready to communicate everything that may be coming.

The longer it takes to understand your injuries from your car accident, the worse the damage may be. Immediately following a car accident, assuming you don't need to go directly to a hospital, the procedure should be to contact the authorities, your car insurance agency, and a chiropractor for an exam.

Common Injuries After a Car Accident in Charlotte

Whiplash is one of the most common types of car accident injuries. This happens when the neck whips forward and then backward at a rapid pace. It's an injury often seen in car accidents and also sporting events and other physical traumas. It can lead to pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and upper back that grows worse over time. It's common to not feel this injury right away.

A herniated disc is another common injury that you may not feel right away. Your spinal column is made of stacked vertebrae and discs. These discs have gel-like centers and work as shock absorbers for the verbtrae. Sometimes, during an accident, these gel like centers may bulge to one side or even rupture. This can lead to sudden and sharp pain. Another common scenario that happens is that the disc may be bulging, but no pain is noticed until a few days later when a person coughs and the disc ruptures.

Spinal misalignment that leads to nerve pain. If a vertebrae or disc comes out of alignment in the spinal column during an accident, it may compress a nerve. Nerve pain can travel, so while the pain may be experienced in the back, it may alternatively be felt down the backs of the legs or in the arms. This can also present as numbness or tingling.

After a Car Accident Chiropractors Provide Natural Solutions

You can call your chiropractor right away to see if they have availability for a walk-in appointment to see you immediately after your accident. While it's best to get in as soon as possible, it's never too late to start treatments to get some relief.

Your Charlotte chiropractor will gently perform an exam. They will ask what you remember from the accident and what your experience has been since.

Once they work with you to figure out what your needs are and the source of your issues, they will perform a natural spinal alignment treatment. This may sound concerning, but it's a pain free solution. The chiropractor will help the body return to its natural alignment so you can get immediate relief.

Depending on your situation, they may discuss follow up appointments and a treatment plan. After a trauma, it is often good to be checked up on for a while to make sure your body fully recovers.

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